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Mobile app to to plan your budget defining your incomes and expenses


This is the mobile version of the web app. This has the same feature as Budgets and more, because now you can define Charges! Can create budget to define your expenses and incomes as unique events or recurrent events as you usually create events for a calendar, in order to plan your budget through slice of time that you can define.

Currently you can now download the app from App Store. For android devices only can joining to closed beta, if you want to join to the beta, please send me a email to [email protected]

Budgetfy mobile app


This view has show you one card per moth with three sections. The first section is Category summary, it show the total amount of money for each category that you have defined.

The second section is Timeline, that show the following information:

The third section is the Timeline plot, that show the evolution of the incomes, expenses and balance for the the defined range of time on the budget creation.

Budgetfy mobile app Budgetfy mobile app


In addition, this mobile app allows you create Charges. So, you can define a charge with a name, amount, category, charge date and the frequency of the charge. Also, you an add the debtors of the charge and the app will calculate the amount that each debtor has to pay. Finally, you can add payments, and attach a image as evidence, to each debtor and the app will calculate the remaining amount that each debtor has to pay.

Budgetfy mobile app Budgetfy mobile app

You can create a account for free using a email and password or Google account, then you can create your budget and start to add your incomes and expenses. For now the app is only available for Closed Beta, if you want to try it, please send me a email to [email protected] with the subject “Budgetfy Beta” and I will send you the invite to join the beta.

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